M50x Series LIMITED EDITION Colour Poll 2020




After putting our test samples through vigorous quality checks – including long listening sessions, headband stretches and colour inspections - we have made the necessary tweaks and amends to ensure that the M50x Lantern Glow headphones are approved by our talented testing team.

We’re now moving on to the next stage of our journey – mass production. This is the exciting part of the process where we start to assemble the limited-edition models that will soon be in your hands!

Before being shipped worldwide, every pair of headphones goes through a quality control check. This process includes checking the quality of the build, sound, and colour, ensuring every pair of Lantern Glow headphones deliver the signature Audio-Technica experience you expect.

The limited-edition M50x Lantern Glow headphones will be landing Autumn 2021.





Thank you again to everyone who voted in the 2021 M50x Colour Poll. We have now started the production of the winning colour - Lantern Glow.

As soon as we received the winning colour, our design team in Machida, Japan, started working on the final designs for the wired and wireless M50x. These designs were then shared with our product development team who assessed the dimensions and colour requirements and began working on test samples.

These test samples will be used to ensure we produce the right, bright, orange shade across all of the wired and wireless headphones. The team will also test the sound quality, making sure it matches the acclaimed sonic signature of our M-series.

This part of the process is when we establish the quality you all expect from Audio-Technica. We put the headphones through a rigorous testing process, assessing the build quality, sound quality and the colour finish.

Lantern Glow

of 2021

Lantern Glow 5,352 votes

The winning style will be released in the autumn of 2021.

The story behind the legendary ATH-M50x


Audio for All

In January of 2007, the first ever pair of ATH-M50s launched at the NAMM trade show. They were originally designed as professional monitoring headphones, with a focus on delivering clear, natural sound via the proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers. However, they’ve grown to become one of the go-to pair of headphones recommended for anyone looking to heighten their listening experience.

Known for their well-balanced sound profile and a durable yet comfortable design, the M50s are our best-selling product worldwide.

Since then, the M50s have evolved with new technologies and have adapted to suit the needs of listeners, with the introduction of the ATH-M50x in 2014 and the ATH-M50xBT in 2018.

Throughout their history, the M50s have stayed true to our founder, Hideo Matsushita’s, original vision. Hideo-san wanted to create a quality audio experience for all, enabling people to access quality products for any application or budget.

The M50s are still known for providing a quality audio performance at a reasonable price for a variety of people, from musicians and content creators, to gamers and music listeners.

Designed in Japan

In 2006, nearing the end of his career, our chief headphone engineer decided to put everything he had, all of the decades of experience and expertise, into a new pair of studio monitor headphones.

The engineering team in Japan saw the headphones as a “professional tool”, so they needed to be robust, practical and comfortable. As one of the few manufacturers in the world that designs transducer technology, they were able to fine tune the sound profile of the M50s, giving it a meticulous, acoustic design.
Even after the success of the M50s the engineering team did not stop refining the headphone design. Product Manager, Hiroyasu Suzuki, helped manage a project seven years after the release of the M50s to enhance the headphones: “we went out and asked professionals, the people actually using these headphones daily, what features they liked and what they wanted, and we used their feedback to improve the product, creating the M50x in 2014.”


Studio, stage and silver screen

Thanks to their ability to deliver a natural, balanced sound profile that closely reflects the original recording of material, the M50s have become a staple product for audio professionals.

Once you recognise the iconic design, featuring the silver circle on the earcups, you can usually spot them in studios, music videos and movies.

Cut the cord

Over ten years after the first pair of M50s launched, the engineering team listened to feedback from fans and decided to develop a Bluetooth version.

This was a difficult task for the headphone engineering team, as they wanted to maintain the critically acclaimed sonic performance of the M50s over a Bluetooth connection.

After years of development, in 2018, the ATH-M50xBT were released and critics and users agreed that the sound experience reflected the coveted M50s.


Spectrum of sound

Since 2012, we’ve added eight limited-edition colours to the M50 line-up. Often only available for one year,
these different editions have provided fans with the opportunity to add a pop of colour to their setup,
including the latest Purple and Black edition for 2020.
Did you manage to grab a pair of any of the limited-edition versions?

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