• Shortest width and lightest weight specifications compared with other brands.
  • Top-class forming speed with its compact design.
  • New method of mixing rice using a cradle-like motion
  • Onigiri, sushi rice balls, and Makunouchi rice balls can be produced just by changing forming rollers.
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  • ASM865CE
  • ASM410SCE
  • ASM780CE
  • ASM545CE
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We at Audio-Technica Corporation originally specialized in developing professional audio equipment. Our products have been used at the Sochi 2014 Olympic winter games, the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic games and other major sports and music events. We have been achieving and cultivating man-machine communication and sensitivity through the development of several audiovisual apparatus for many years. Combining high-precision processing and control technology with innovative ideas, our commercial sushi machines were developed. If you are considering not only labor saving, but also high quality products and services, please choose AUTEC. We strive to manufacture the highest quality, compact yet sophisticated machines and provide you with first-class, professional, technical assistance.
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