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It can be operated simply and set flexibly

  • The lighter machine parts simplify daily cleaning, assembling and disassembling.
  • The new feature of loosening rice was designed for the ASM880 and the hopper capacity was increased to 10kg.
  • The machine keeps the setting values of the previous operation. These can be recalled automatically just by attaching each wrapping unit to the main body.
  • Its applicability to long rolls makes it possible to make various kinds of rolled sushi. Inside-out rolls can also be made by changing settings.
  • Changing the wrapping unit is easy with a one-touch simple operation and the previously used rice mat setting is automatically set in accordance with the size of the wrapping unit.

ASM880 MOVIEDouble hoppernon-Teflon
Power Supply
AC230V 50Hz
Power Consumption
Hopper Capacity
Rice Supplying Method
Auto-stirring Supply System
W360 x D551 x H732mm
Approx. 50kg

■Finished Rolled Size

*It can form the sizes below by changing the wrapping unit (sold separately).

Finished Rolled Specification (mm)Seaweed Size (mm)Rolled Approx. weight
SmallS25 square x 185 width103 x 18570g-90g
Med.M35 square x 185 width150-165 x 185120g-150g
Lrg.L45 square x 185 width188-208 x 185200g-270g
Yoko Med.YM35 square x 205 width150-165 x 205130g-160g
Yoko Lrg.YL45 square x 205 width185 x 205220g-300g

*Rolled weight varies depending on the amount of ingredients and rice condition.

Double heat-retaining
Double heat-retaining effect: The special resin rice hopper and built- in heater keep sushi rice at a suitable temperature for a long time.
Parts used Teflon coating are not used. No worries about exfoliation of body surface. It can reduce running cost due to no need for recoating.
Home > SUSHI MAKER > Products > ASM880CE