Audio-Technica's series of hand cleaners adopts special adhesive rollers across the entire product line. The rollers' adhesive strength can be used to effectively remove dust, particles, and other debris from resin boards, glass, film sheets, metal plates, and more. Our hand cleaners can remove nearly all small particles.

Main features

Dramatically improved operability
We succeeded in dramatically decreasing weight as well as optimizing the grip material and shape (compared to our 600 Series: a maximum weight reduction of 25%), realizing better ease of use and reducing the risk of damage caused by contact between the grip and the material. In addition, we simplified the unit which holds the roller to facilitate easy roller replacement.
Bearing model
We adopted low dust generation bearings in our rollers to reduce workloads and prevent dust generation.

Diverse lineup

We offer a selection of rubber materials of various adhesive strength and sizes to meet your needs at a low cost.