Cleaner with brush unit
DTC-X30 Series

Butyl synthetic rubber

  • The DTC-X30 Series uses the static elimination effect of the static eliminating devices to release the adhesive charges of the dust to the work before sweeping the dust with a rotary brush and then collecting it through the dust collector vacuum.
  • After that, the adhesive rollers are used to finish with a more powerful cleaning, thereby also preventing early saturation of the adhesive rollers.
  • We provide three sizes, from the DTC-230 to the DTC-630.


Cleaning system

Technical data

Model No.DTC-230DTC-430DTC-630
Power supplyAC100 50Hz/60Hz
Cleaning methodDouble-sided dry cleaning using the rotary brushes and adhesive rollers
Static electricity removal methodAC-corona-discharge type
Motor outputAC100V 60W/40WAC100V 60W/40WAC100V 90W/60W
Drive methodGear, chain drive
Cleaning speed0 to 27m/min (50Hz)
External dimensions (W×D×H)520×565×360mm700×565×360mm910×565×360mm
Brush material, wire diameterNylon, φ0.08mm/0.15mm
Brush unitRoll-in prevention unit/ Yes/No
Brush rotation speed0 to 1150/1390rpm (50Hz/60Hz)
Brush rotation directionForward/reverse rotation switching
Material working width130 to 230mm130 to 400mm130 to 600mm
Material working thicknessDT30 0.05 to 3mmDW30 0.05 to 3mmDW30 0.05 to 3mm
DT80 0.1 to 3mmD80 0.1 to 3mmD80 0.1 to 3mm
DF110 1 to 3mmDF110 1 to 3mmDF110 1 to 3mm
Path line252.5mm