Mini Cleaner

Butyl synthetic rubber

  • This model is a cleaning unit for ultra-small materials.
  • With the same performance of our conventional series in a more compact form, this cleaner can instantly remove dust and static electricity from small sheet and electronic materials such as FPC and TAB.

Easy maintenance

TC-130 Easy maintenance

Each roller can be easily removed for maintenance.

Cleaning system

TC-130 Cleaning system

Technical data

Power supply AC100V(50Hz/60Hz)
Cleaning method Double-sided dry cleaning using the adhesive rollers
Static electricity removal method AC-corona-discharge type (option)
Motor output AC100V25W
Drive method Gear drive
Cleaning speed 0 to 10m/min(50Hz)
External dimensions (W×D×H) 420×200×300mm
Material working width 30 to 130mm
Material working thickness F30 0.1 to 3mm
F80 0.2 to 3mm
F110 1 to 3mm
Path line 220mm
Conveyer Attached to the main body, front-back length 165mm
Operation function With automatic operation and sensors: TC-130D, F30, F80, F110
Without sensor functions: TC-130, F30, F80, F110