Mini cleaner with brush unit

Butyl synthetic rubber

  • This model is the TC-130 model with rotary brushes added. While maintaining a small size, it allows for powerful cleaning results.
  • The brushes can rotate not only in the conventional forward and reverse directions but also vibrate horizontally to improve cleaning results.

Cleaning system

Technical data

Model No. DC-130
Power supply AC100V(50Hz/60Hz)
Cleaning method Double-sided dry cleaning using the rotary/vibrating brushes
Motor output AC100V 25W
Drive method Gear drive
External dimensions (W×D×H) 420×140×350mm
Brush material, wire diameter Nylon, φ0.08mm
Brush rotation speed 370/430rpm(50Hz/60Hz)
Brush vibration frequency 1665/1935 round trips/min (50Hz/60Hz)
Material working width 50 to 130mm
Material working thickness 0.5 to 3mm
Path line 220mm