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Cleaner for mounting boards TCP-280[inline type] Butyl synthetic rubber

  • This cleaner is ideal to improve the quality of high-density mounting. By reducing the number of failures due to dust or foreign substances during mounting, quality is improved.
  • Our unique adhesive butyl rubber delivers excellent dust removal performance.
  • PLC control allows for automatic operation that ensures the cleaning of the work.
  • Powerful static eliminator bars (AC-corona-discharge-type ionizers) at the front and rear remove static electricity from the work.

Easy maintenance

The crocodile open/close mechanism allows for inline operation. The adhesive and cleaning rollers can be removed from the top for easy maintenance.

Cleaning system

TCP-280 Easy maintenance

Sample installation

TCP-280 Sample installation

Technical data

Power supplyAC100V (50Hz/60Hz)
Cleaning methodDry cleaning from the top using the adhesive rubber rollers
Static electricity removal methodAC-corona-discharge type
Motor outputRoller side: AC100V 25W
Conveyer side: AC100V 25W
Drive methodGear drive
Cleaning speed0 to 20m/min(50Hz)
External dimensions (W×D×H)875×250×1917mm
Material working width50 to 250mm
Material working length80 to 330mm
Path line900±30mm
Roller configurationCleaning rollers (x2)
Adhesive rollers (x2)
Backup rollerLower backup rollers (x2)
Transfer methodConductive round belt on both sides (x2)
Operation functionSheet count, buzzer, direction of operation setting,
speed of operation setting, conveyer width adjustment (manual)
SwitchEmergency stop SW, power SW, touch panel
Home > Techniclean > PRODUCTS > TCP-280