Tape cleaner

Silicone rubber

  • By accurately transferring dust caught by the adhesive rollers from work onto the cleaning tapes, clean rollers can be ensured.
  • In order to facilitate cleaning the rollers and allow for easy cutting of tape, rollers and tapes can be removed from the main body.
  • Continuous and automatic one-way operation enables you to clean both sides.
TC-X40 Series TCT-640 Roller conveyer(option)

Easy Maintenace

TCT-640 Easy maintenance

All rollers can be removed, making it easier to clean the adhesive rollers and replace cleaning tapes.

Cleaning system

TCT-640 Cleaning system

Technical data

Power supply AC100V(50Hz/60Hz)
Cleaning method Double-sided dry cleaning using adhesive rollers and cleaning tapes
Static electricity removal method AC-corona-discharge type
Motor output AC100V 60W
Drive method Gear, chain drive
Cleaning speed 0 to 44m/min (50Hz)
External dimensions (W×D×H) 1127×226×555mm
Operating air pressure 0.5 Mpa
Material working width 70 to 600mm
Material working thickness 0.1 to 3mm
Conveyer Options: pully conveyor, flat belt conveyer
Switch Emergency stop SW, power SW, touch panel

Cleaning tape
CLT-65K Series

  • Transfer tape developed specifically for TCT-640
  • In order to ensure clean adhesive rollers, this model accurately transfers dust caught by the adhesive rollers onto the cleaning tapes.

* In addition to these three widths, we accept orders for special sizes as well.

CLT-65L Series

Teachnical data

Dimensions (width×φ) CLT-60K/20M 600×95mm
CLT-62K/20M 620×95mm
CLT-65K/20M 650×95mm
Core inner diameter φ76.2mm(3in)
Full length of tape 20m
Tape material (adhesive material) Acrylic adhesive compound
Tape thickness 0.09mm
Adhesive strength 3.9±0.2N(400±20gf)・20mm
Packaging 4 pcs per box