Audio-Technica's TechniClean is a state-of-the-art cleaner that adopts special adhesive rollers across the entire product line. The rollers' adhesive strength can be used to effectively remove dust, particles, and other debris on as well as to remove static electricity from resin boards, glass, film sheets, metal plates, and more. TechniClean can remove nearly all small particles.

Main features

Wide range of conveyers
Select a conveyer, mini conveyer, round belt conveyer, flat belt conveyer, or pully conveyor (options) depending on the material to be cleaned.
Cleaning operations
PLC control facilitates reversible, continuous, automatic one-way, and automatic two-way cleaning operations.
Choices of material working widths
The working width of the material to be cleaned can vary from 30 to 1500mm (up to 600mm for silicone rubber) and can be selected per material. We can manufacture a specially sized adhesive roller with our adhesive rubber as well.
* Manufacturing is performed under certain specified conditions. For details, please contact our sales department.

Butyl synthetic rubber

When used with butyl synthetic rubber rollers, TechniClean offers extremely low component transfer to materials and can be used reliably over an extended period of time.

  • It can be attached firmly and thoroughly to a material without affecting the material's surface.
  • Stable rubber composition does not change even after years of use and provides better rub resistance than that of other materials.
  • By cleaning it with our special cleaning solution, a steady adhesive strength can be maintained at all times.
  • For thin sheet materials (50 microns or thicker), we use our unique "roll-in prevention belt unit" technology. Combined with the rollers' adhesive strength, our technology can clean the material smoothly without damaging it.
  • We also provide a cleaner with a brush when stronger cleaning is required.
  • The top cover is sealed to protect the rollers from airborne dust.
  • The static eliminator bars at the entrance and exit remove static electricity.

Cleaning System TC-X30 Series TC-630

Adhesive strength by Tack level

Combining rollers with different adhesive strength creates an optimal environment for cleaning material.

Silicone rubber

When used with silicone rubber rollers, TechniClean uses cleaning tapes, a cleaning method focusing on stability unaffected by operator skill level.

  • Use of cleaning tapes drastically reduces the number of cleaning of the adhesive rollers.
  • Since the number of cleaning of the adhesive rollers is reduced, stable cleaning is realized independent of operator skill level.
  • The top cover is sealed to protect the rollers from airborne dust.
  • The static eliminator bars at the entrance and exit remove static electricity.

TechniClean enables the cleaning of any material

  • TechniClean delivers high performance in a speedy, effective, and safe manner for manufacturing processes which require a dust-free environment.
  • TechniClean is optimized for removing dust and static electricity before screen printing, coating, bonding, exposure, and others.