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Headphone/Microphone/AV-headphone OPT related products Optical pick-up/device assy
A small selection of the products we are able to produce for you.
optical pick up/device assy

We are not just involved with the manufacturing of the product. Our Technical Team will also play a large part in supporting the development, and ensuring optimum production line readiness and quality control.
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The followings are the examples of our products. Please contact us for any enquiries.
  Optical Pick-Up (OPU) Assy
  Optical Pick-Up(OPU) is the device that reads and/or writes the media such as DVD and/or CD by using laser diode.

Optical Pick-Up Assy
Audio-Technica has demonstrated the development and production-engineering leadership in Optical Pick-Up field for more than 10 years. Innovative custom-made device can be provided for both Audio Video and IT purpose.
other device assy
  Actuator Assy
Thanks to our know-how of analog phono cartridge that Audio-Technica has been producing since the company was founded in 1962, technique for Actuator Assy is our another speciality.
  Optical Head Assy for special industrial use  
  other device assy
  Most of Device Assy consists of the Circuit board. The know-how of its mounting process is the core technology of our company. We shall meet the customer's requirement for its specification, quality and cost.

Digital Related Products
We will develop and manufacture the digital related products such as multi-track mixer/recorder and effector for the musical instrument.
  Higher-frequency Related Products
We shall develop and manufacture the higher-frequency (analog, bluetooth and wireless LAN) related products such as wiress microphone and the other products in the various field. We can also support our customers for the acquisition of necessary radio law in each market.
  Infra-red Application Products
Infra-red wireless microphone that dominates the domestic Karaoke market and wireless conference system used for the university, government and other public offices are produced by us with highly appreciated technology.
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