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Headphone/Microphone/AV-headphone OPT related products Optical pick-up/device assy
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headphone/microphone/av products

We are not just involved with the manufacturing of the product. Our Technical Team will also play a large part in supporting the development, and ensuring optimum production line readiness and quality control.
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The followings are the examples of our products.Please contact us for any enquiries.
  In this advanced information society, sound related products are required in the various fields.
Audio-technica can propose and provide the service you require.

Electret lavalier microphone
Electret lavalier microphone for use as lavalier, or may be worn in clothing.

  Shotgun microphone
Shotgun microphone for professional ENG Camera use. Durable and high sound quality. A low cost version is also available for the commercial camcorder.
  Boundary microphone
Boundary microphone for conference purpose. Minimum visibility and superior sensibility.
  Headworn microphone
Headworn microphone for hands-free operation.

  Compact stand microphone(goose neck)
Condenser goose neck microphone with interchangeable capsules.
  Wireless microphone
Wireless microphone for various systems available (VHF, UHF, IR) from Karaoke to professional use.
  Stereo microphone
Stereo microphone for recording purpose.
  We can propose a variety of headphone to meet the customer’s needs.

Headphone for portable player
Clip-on, Ear-bud and Canal type.
  USB Headphone
USB Headphone for the PC.
  Monitoring Headphone
Monitoring Headphone for DJ and studio use.
  Headphone for an Electric musical instrument
full-sized closed back for studio monitoring and home listening applications.
  Wireless headphone
RF, IR and Bluetooth system are available.
Headworn headphone with microphone.
  AV accessories
  We can propose a variety of headphone to meet the customer’s needs.

Universal remote control unit
Universal remote control unit for AV equipment.

Mixer for editing video/audio

Speaker for portable player

AC power tap with serge protection

Headphone amplifier
Headphone amplifier for the reinforcement sound quality
AV accessories
> > > Headphone / Microphone / AV-Headphone