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Headphones・Microphone・AV accessories・Phono cartridge for turntable


We are not just involved with the manufacturing of the product. Our Technical Team will also play a large part in supporting
the development, and ensuring optimum production line readiness and quality control.




The followings are the examples of our products. Please contact us for any enquiries.


Anechoic room Anechoic room

In this advanced information society, sound related products are required in the various fields. Audio-technica can propose and provide the service you require.

・Ordinal microphone for communication use
Both directional and omni type. Also USB type is available.
・Shotgun microphone
Durable and high sound quality for the broadcasting use.
・Boundary microphone
Boundary microphone for conference purpose. Minimum visibility and superior sensibility.
・Headworn and hands-free microphone
・Wireless microphone
・Wireless microphone for various systems available (RF, IR)


RF Anechoic chamber RF Anechoic chamber

We can propose a variety of headphones to meet the customer’s needs.

・Overhead, On-Ear, Ear-bud
・Headset and Earphone microphone
・Wireless headphone
RF, IR and Bluetooth system are available.
RF (Bluetooth and 2.4GHz) , IR and various transmission method

AV accessories

SMT Machine SMT Machine

We propose a variety of audio video accessories upon request.

・Speaker for portable player
・Headphone amplifier

Phono Cartridge for Turntable

Phono Cartridge Assembly Phono Cartridge Assembly

As the one of leading manufacturers of Phono Cartridge, our sales division keep supplying it to the turntable manufacturers world-wide and the demand is still increasing thanks to the revival of the analogue vinyl trend. Moving Magnet type (our original VM type) and Moving Coil type is available.


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